2008 Sales List*
Last Updated 7/02/2008
*Prices subject to change
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Neapolitano Primabona -
1998 Neapolitano Slatana II x Primabona. 82% evaluation score. Under saddle. Fabulous stallion who would also make a wonderful gelding if you prefer. He's never been bred - sweet, sweet temperament and easy to handly. Gorgeous to look at and an incredibly expressive mover. Everything you could want or ask in a Lipizzan. I had planned to keep this one for myself but he's available for financial reasons. Video available. $30,000

Favory Tukwila -
2002 gelding by Favory III Sabadilla x Tukwila. Tucker has the best temperament you could ask for - very kind and gentle. He's a mellow, laid back dude who will make your trail rides a pleasure while his talent and scope will make arena time worthwhile. He's also drop dead gorgeous and now beginning his serious training - price will increase as training progresses. 2005 evaluation score 78.5%. $15,000

Pluto Tacoma -
2002 stallion - one of the great Grand Prix stallion, Pluto III Fantasca's last sons. 84% evaluation score. Temperment of a saint and movement to die for. Bred especially to be my personal riding stallion - finances force me to offer him for sale. Started on the lunge - ready to back. Request video. $25,000

SOLD Pluto Gisella II - 
2002 stallion - second of Pluto III Fantasca's last two sons. 83% evaluation score. Another impeccable temperament and extravagant movement. Another I had planned to keep - I won't sell all of these, so choose early before one sells and the rest are removed from the list. Started on the lunge and ready to back. Video available. $25,000

SOLD Maestoso Aurorra -
2003 stallion by Maestoso Platana out of the outstanding broodmare, Aurorra (Maestoso Gradisca II x Canada). Friendly, sensitive and sensible. His conformation and breeding should make him an outstanding stallion prospect while his gaits and temperament will allow him to excel in the competition arena. All of Aurorra's foals have scored in excess of 80% when evaluated. This colt represents a rare cross of a stallion who was a Quadrille performer at the Spanish Riding School and a mare who's progeny have already proven their quality. "Gunther" received a score of 87.2% in the 2003 evaluation, including a "10" for his trot and 9's for walk and canter. A definite stallion and performance prospect.  His 2005 evaluation score was 88.5%, including another "10" for trot and the comment from Dr. Oulehla, "First class!" His full sister received a score of 91.5%. For a video clip choose one of these links or request a DVD: Small (XM) or  Large (55M). $20,000 $15,000 SOLD

Maestoso Aurorra II -
2005 gelding by Maestoso Platana out of Aurorra. Evaluation score 84.17%. Exceptional opportunity to own a son of our Spanish Riding School import. Will be tall. Very extravagant mover. $15,000 See Maestoso Anya for a link to videos of both these colts.

SOLD Maestoso Anya -
2005 gelding by Maestoso Platana out of Anya (Pluto III Pirouette x Melodina). Evaluation score 80%. Tall son of our Spanish Riding School import. Buy his half brother too for a fabulous driving team! $15,000 Choose a video clip to view or request a DVD: Small (3M) or Large (28M)

SOLD Favory Astorria -
2006 colt by Favory III Sabadilla out of Astorria (Pluto III Fantasca x Aurorra). This is an exceptional colt with elastic, floating gaits and a brave and friendly temperament. He's going to be big and sturdy and will make an outstanding riding horse with breeding possibilities for those looking for a stallion prospect. $10,000

Favory Sonata -
2007 colt out of a lovely Maestoso Canada daughter by Favory III Sabadilla. Temperament and movement is assured. $7,500.

Favory Idahna - 
2007 colt - firstborn of Idahna/Favory III Sabadilla. Classic good looks of his line and his dam's incredibly sweet temperament. $7,500

Favory Troika -
Gorgeous 2007 colt from a top rated mare and by Favory III Sabadilla. Sweet and kind with great movement. Currently priced at $7,500

SOLD Maestoso Canada -
1992 Stallion by 132 Maestoso Gradisca II out of Canada (Neapolitano Oda x Plutona). This prepotent stallion known for siring predominantly fillies was the foundation for most of our broodmare band. His ability to improve an virtually any mare he's bred to let us rapidly go from mares with evaluation scores in the mid 70's to a band comprised almost exclusively of mares with scores of 80% and higher. His daughters and granddaughters have becoming proven producers and Carrousel Farm has never had a foal receive a foal evaluation score of less than 80% - something no other farm can brag of. "Mac" can be pasture bred, bred in hand or collected on a phantom and his semen ships extremely well. A rare opportunity for you to build your own outstanding broodmare band. $12,000 SOLD


Sorella -
2000 mare by Neapolitano Slatana II out of Sonata (Maestoso Canada x Melodina). She's absolutely beautiful and a great mover. Evaluated in 2003 with a score of 81%. $10,000

SOLD Abiqua -
1999 mare by Maestoso Canada out of Ciera (
535 Favory II Bonasera III x Candita). Evauation score 82%, first foal born 2006 is exceptional in every way. Confirmed in foal to Favory III Sabadilla for 2008. $15,000

SOLD Santana-
1999 mare by Neapolitano Slatana II out of Sonata (Maestoso Canada x Melodina). Wonderful temperament and movement, evaluation score 82%. First foal in 2006 is fabulous. Open. $10,000 SOLD

SOLD Idahna -
2000 mare by Favory Toscana x Aurorra (132 Maestoso Gradisca II x Canada). Has had one beautiful Favory III Sabadilla foal - fabulous temperament and lovely movement to ride or breed. Evaluation score 80.5%.  $10,000 For a video clip choose one of these links or request a DVD: Small (XM) or  Large (55M)

Aurorra -
1991 mare by 132 Maesotso Gradisca II out of Canada (Neapolitano Oda x Plutona). Average score of offspring to date  82.84%. $7,500 two in one package - bred back to Favory III Sabadilla for 2009.

SOLD Unnamed filly -
Stunning 2008 filly out of one of the top producing mares in N. America (Aurorra) by Mr. Temperament himself (Favory III Sabadilla). Beautiful mover, gorgeous neck and sweet manner - whether you want to start your own broodmare band of have a lovely riding companion, this filly is sure to please. Contact us for a video. $7,500.

SOLD Favory Tacoma -
2008 colt by Favory III Sabadilla, this is a dream cross.  Perfect in every way - I can't fault him and I've seen a lot of nice Lipzzans! $10,000 and believe me, he's worth every penny and more! His full siblings have scored 88+% and half siblings 85%.

Mares in foal for 2009. Foals may be reserved now.

Aurorra ( M. Gradisca II x Canada) -  Available. Mare also for sale to appropriate home.

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