Favory Tukwila

Lipizzan gelding, b.  2002
2003 Evaluation score 78%
2005 Evaluation score 78.5%%

    Favory III Belvedera
  Favory III Sabadilla  
    594 Sabadilla
Favory Tukwila    
    Maestoso Canada

"Tucker" is a quality gelding with excellent natural self-carriage and balance. His calm temperament and quiet demeanor will  make him a joy to take out - to shows or for quiet trail rides. His walk is correct and long-striding, his trot free in the shoulder and lofty, but his canter is to die for with plenty of natural jump. Bred and born to be a dressage horse, he's an affectionate fellow that will form a deep bond with his rider that will last a lifetime.  Video available.