Tulipan Primablanca

Lipizzan gelding, b.  2001
Sold - Congratulations to Lydia Knurek of Ypsilanti, MI.
2001 Evaluation score 87%

(See evaluation form below)
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    Tulipan Zverka (Osit)
  Tulipan Melodia II  
    Melodia 69
Tulipan Primablanca    
    Siglavy Dalea

Pan is a large, handsome gelding just now beginning his training. He's kind and sweet and moves with great elasticity. His size makes him particularly suitable for competition. He was evaluated as a foal and received one of the highest scores of any foal evaluated.

Some of Dr. Oulehla's comments: "Surprise, he is perfect! He must be used as a breeding stallion He is of the highest quality."

 2001 Evaluation Score

1. Conformation  
  a. head/neck 9
  b. shoulders/wither 9
  c. front leg 8
  d. back/loin 9
  e. hind leg 8
  f. frame/topline 9
  Conformation score 52/2 = 26
2. a. breed and type 9
  b. masculinity/femininity 8
  Type not evaluated in foals  
3. Correctness of Gaits  
  a. walk in hand 8
  b. trot in hand and free 8
  c. canter free running 9
  Total for gaits 25
4. impulsion and elasticity 9
5. temperament/obedience 9
6. overall impression 9