Pluto Gisella II

Lipizzan colt, b.  May 12, 2002
2003 Evaluation score 77%
2005 Evaluation score 83%


106 Pluto III Platana
Pluto III Fantasca
28 Fantasca
Pluto Gisella II
442 Maestoso II Primavera
Gaetana I

"Gomez" is the last foal of the Pluto III Fantasca x Gisella cross that has been nothing short of fantastic. Gomez's big brother (Pluto Gisella) is the highest scoring stallion in North America and since he earned this honor in three separate inspections, we've come to believe it's no fluke! (P. Gisella's scores were: 1999 - 87.5%, 2001 - 90% & 2003 - 93.5%) With such a celebrity for a big brother, it's tempting to be unimpressed by Gomez's 2003 evaluation score of 77%. However, yearlings rarely score as well as they will later, looking more like the better parts of several different horses. Gomez has the breeding, temperament and movement to impress - wait til he grows up a little more!