Maestoso Tacoma

Lipizzan gelding, b.  June 17, 2000
2001 Evaluation score 78%
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Congratulations to George Slusher of Eugene, OR on the purchase of "Titus"

Maestoso Caecilia
Maestoso Platana 21*
47 Platana-30
Maestoso Tacoma
Maestoso Canada

The colts of 2000 were both nicknamed after Saints, in hopes they'd get the hint and it seems to be working! "Titus" is by our Spanish Riding School import Maestoso Platana 21 and has the same endearing personality that makes his sire a favorite of everyone who meets him. Sweet and kind, he's nonetheless impish enough to make him a character. Not at all spooky, Titus will make an outstanding partner for the rider who enjoys trails as well as the show ring. He received an evaluation score of 78% as a yearling in 2001. He was not re-evaluated in 2003 as he is obviously not breeding stock!