Maestoso Aurorra

Lipizzan colt, b.  June, 2003
2003 Evaluation score 87.2%
2005 Evaluation score 88.5%
"10" for trot
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Maestoso Caecilia
Maestoso Platana 21*
47 Platana-30
Maestoso Aurorra
132 Maesotso Gradisca II

"Gunther" is by our Spanish Riding School import, Maestoso Platana and out of the proven producing mare Aurorra. Aurorra's male offspring in particular are amazingly trainable and easy to handle. Even first-time stallion owners have done well with them. Gunther's foal score in the 2003 evaluations was an impressive 87.2%. He received a perfect score of "10" for his trot. Most stallions imported from the Spanish Riding School to this country have been available because they have not quite met the criteria necessary to be taken into the Spanish Riding School to begin their training. Maestoso Platana was not only accepted for training at the school but was a school stallion, appearing in the school performances at home and abroad. He was imported to the U.S. at the age of 14. Platana also has a most endearing personality and young Gunther is developing into quite the character as well. Click here for a video clip of his sire, Maestoso Platana 21

 2003 Evaluation Score

1. Conformation  
  a. head/neck 8
  b. shoulders/wither 7
  c. front leg 8
  d. back/loin 8
  e. hind leg 8
  f. frame/topline 8
  Conformation score 47/2 = 23.5
2. a. breed and type  
  b. masculinity/femininity  
  Foals not evaluated for type  
3. Correctness of Gaits  
  a. walk in hand 9
  b. trot in hand and free 10
  c. canter free running 9
  Total for gaits 28
4. impulsion and elasticity 9
5. temperament/obedience 9
6. overall impression 9
  TOTAL SCORE 87.2 %