Favory Ventura

Lipizzan stallion, b.  2002
2003 Evaluation score 80.5%
2005 Evaluation score 87.5%
"10" for Canter
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    Favory III Belvedera
  Favory III Sabadilla  
    594 Sabadilla
Favory Ventura    
    Maestoso Canada

"Felix" is a handsome example of the Baroque Lipizzan. Stately and noble in his bearing, he's also nearly unflappable. He'll make an excellent mount for enjoying on the trail as well as in the show ring. Stallion quality but he'll make a super gelding as well. His yearling evaluation score of 80.5% is indicative of his quality (yearlings usually score in the 70's - only an exceptional individual will receive marks equal to 80% or better at that awkward stage of their life.


 2005 Evaluation Score

1. Conformation  
  a. head/neck 8
  b. shoulders/wither 8
  c. front leg 7
  d. back/loin 8
  e. hind leg 8
  f. frame/topline 8
  Conformation score 47/2 = 23.5
2. a. breed and type 9
  b. masculinity/femininity 9
  Total for Type 18/2 = 9
3. Correctness of Gaits  
  a. walk in hand 9
  b. trot in hand and free 9
  c. canter free running 10
  Total for gaits 25
4. impulsion and elasticity 9
5. temperament/obedience 9
6. overall impression 9
  TOTAL SCORE 87.5 %