Favory Fantasia

Lipizzan stallion, b. July 4, 2002
2003 Evaluation Score 80%
Sold - congratulations to Lin Scott of Aldergrove, B.C.!
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    Favory III Belvedera
  Favory III Sabadilla  
    594 Sabadilla
Favory Fantasia (80.0%)    
    Maestoso Canada (83%)
  Fantasia (85%)  

This colt has a promising pedigree and the movement to live up to it. He is kind and gentle and eager to please. Evaluated in 2003 as a yearling, his score of 80% is quite impressive. Yearlings nearly always score in the 70's due to their awkward growth stage. See his 2003 evaluation sheet below.



"Pony's" first saddling went well. According to Lin, "I put the saddle on Pony today, hung on to the horn , jumped up and down, slapped the seat - no big deal - my friend was hoping for a small rodeo, but Pony disappointed her!" What kind of temperament do you want in your next dressage prospect?!